7 October 2019

Quick action leads to arrest of alleged Berea rapist

A Blue Security armed response officer and a local businessman arrested an alleged rapist on the Berea this morning.

Quick action leads to arrest of alleged Berea rapistBlue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said an alleged rape victim had approached one of the company’s armed response officers for assistance after the incident this morning. The arrest occurred just before 8am. “One of our officers was patrolling the Berea when a woman approached him advising that she had just been raped. She was able to direct the officer to the whereabouts of the suspect in the area.

Our officer and a local businessman climbed over the wall of a nearby property and arrested the suspect,” Mathios said. The suspect was handed over to the Berea SAPS at the scene. Berea Trauma Counsellors attended the scene to assist the victim.

Quick action leads to arrest of alleged Berea rapist

Berea thief busted by armed response officer.

In a separate arrest a vigilant armed response officer arrested an alleged thief after he stole plastic chairs from a property on the Berea in the early hours of this morning. “Our officer received information from a community policing forum member on a local crime group and responded to the scene. The suspect initially managed to evade arrest but he was eventually tracked down and arrested in King Dinuzulu Road (formerly Berea Road),” Mathios said.

The suspect was handed over to the police. Mathios advised residents and business owners not to leave items out on their properties overnight. “Unfortunately, opportunistic criminals will take a chance if they see items of value that they can think they can quickly grab and run with. We advise residents and business owners to also ensure that external alarm beams and electric fences are always activated at night for an early warning system, which will greatly increase the security of the property and the chance of any would be intruders being arrested,” Mathios said. He added that CCTV surveillance cameras installed near the entrance of the property were also a deterrent against crime.

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