Battery special to keep your alarm system powered

The impact of load shedding on your safety is severe.

Impact of load shedding

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7 Load Shedding Safety Tips

Prevent a low battery from putting you at high risk.

Did you know that a depleted battery compromises your safety? A backup battery running on low places you at immediate risk, leaving you completely vulnerable during load shedding, adverse storm conditions and general power failures when electricity powering your alarm system goes out.

Depending on the complexity of your system and the range of connected additions such as passives, outdoor beams and CCTV cameras all relying on battery power during outages, the strength of the detectors are compromised as the voltages drop. An even greater risk occurs when the battery emits only enough volts to power the system, but not to actually send a signal to our control centre should the alarm activate.

Ensuring you have the correct battery, you might even need more than one, with sufficient voltage to see you through the dark times, is crucial. If you are unsure, test your battery at least once every quarter to ensure it’s still in a good working order.

If you are receiving regular “low battery signal” SMS’s from your security provider, take them seriously. Prevent finding yourself in a situation that could’ve been avoided.

Selecting the right battery:

Low Battery Load Shedding Special

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