9 September 2019

Ballito estate housebreaker busted by proactive response officer

A Blue Security armed response officer’s swift response to the scene of a crime led to the arrest of an alleged housebreaking suspect in Ballito at the weekend.

Ballito estate housebreaker busted by proactive response officerBlue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the officer responded to property where he was informed by an armed response officer from another security firm that suspects had been seen jumping from the property into a neighbouring residential estate.  “The proactive officer then proceeded to the estate where he asked the on site security guard for permission to enter the premises in order to search for the suspect. He entered the complex and while he was patrolling on site he spotted two suspects carrying handbags and a television,” Mathios said.

“When the suspects noticed the officer on the premises they immediately dropped the stolen goods and attempted to flee the scene. Our officer gave chase and managed to arrest one of the suspects who was later handed over to the police at the scene of the crime. One suspect remains at large,” Mathios said. “Upon further investigation together with the estate’s security manager, it was discovered that the suspects had broken into one of the units on the property where the resident was at home sleeping. The suspects had forced open the resident’s kitchen door to gain entry into the premises,” he said.

Mathios commended the officer for his determined pursuit of the suspects. “Our officers are committed to proactively fighting crime to ensure that criminals are brought to book. Our officer should be commended for going the extra mile in refusing to allow the suspects to get away, even after he was informed that they had already fled the scene of the property he had initially responded to,” Mathios said. “We trust that this arrest sends a strong message to criminals that our team is vigilant and will continue to work together with the police and the community to fight crime in Ballito.”

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