5 June 2019

Gang of eight armed robbers smash their way into Ballito business

Armed robbers fired shots as they fled the scene of a Ballito business robbery in the early hours of this morning.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said a large gang of armed suspects arrived at the business premises in two vehicles. The incident occurred at around 4.35am.

“Eight suspects arrived at the premises in two vehicles, a green VW Golf GTI and a white Toyota Corolla with unknown registration plates,” Mathios said.

“The suspects, who were all wearing gloves and balaclavas, jumped out of the vehicles and smashed the front door to a business premises to gain entry. They then proceeded to ransack the premises and fled with valuables, firing a few shots into the air as they fled the scene,” he said.

No injuries were reported incident.

In a separate armed robbery at a business premises in Glenwood, four suspects arrived at the gate in a silver grey vehicle and posed as customers who were visiting the business. The incident occurred at around 6am.

“The security officer opened the gate to let them into the property and the suspects drove under a carport. The security officer then approached the vehicle to get them to sign the access control register,” Mathios said.

“Two suspects then alighted from the back of the vehicle and advised the officer that they wanted to speak to a woman who was sitting outside the building smoking a cigarette. When the officer questioned them about this, they both pulled out firearms and a third suspect then grabbed the officer by the hand and ordered him to walk towards the woman,” he said.

“As they approached the woman they then shoved the security guard onto the ground. They asked her where the computers were kept on the property and she responded that there were none on the premises. They then walked into the building and came out empty handed before robbing the woman of her jewellery, handbag and cellphone. The suspects derailed the driveway gate and fled the scene of the crime,” Mathios said.

No injuries were reported.

Umbilo SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

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