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August Insights and Strategies for a Safer Durban

by | Sep 8, 2023 | Blue Security Blog, Business Security, Community Security

In August, Blue Security received reports of 489 incidents, a notable increase from July’s 403. This uptick underscores the evolving security landscape in Durban and the surrounding areas. As we continue to prioritize the safety of our community, we are committed to providing you with actionable insights and recommendations based on the latest data.

Key Statistics for August

Armed Robbery:

August saw 23 reported cases of armed robbery, making up 4.7% of the total incidents. While this is a slight decrease from July’s 6.5%, armed robbery remains a critical concern that requires ongoing attention and preventative measures.


Burglary incidents accounted for 97 cases or 19.83% of the total. Though this is a marginal decrease from July’s 23%, burglaries continue to be a significant issue that affects both residential and commercial properties.

Common Theft:

The most prevalent category was common theft, with 193 reported cases, comprising a staggering 39.46% of the total incidents. This is an increase from July’s 34%, highlighting the need for heightened vigilance and preventive strategies.


Trespassing incidents were reported 95 times, representing 19.43% of the total. This is a slight decrease from July’s 21%, but still a significant portion that cannot be overlooked.

Timing and Location Insights:

  • Daytime Incidents (59.71%): The majority of incidents continue to occur during the day, particularly between 6 am and 12 pm, which accounted for 35.58% of total incidents.

  • Nighttime Incidents (40.28%): Though fewer in number, nighttime incidents remain a concern and warrant robust security measures.

  • High Incident Days: Thursdays (19.42%), Wednesdays (16.36%), and Fridays (14.72%) were the days with the highest average incident rates.

  • Residential vs Business Districts: the majority of incidents occurred in residential areas, accounting for 289 cases or 60.94% of the total. This aligns with July’s trend, where residential incidents were also predominant. These figures indicate that both residential and commercial areas continue to be vulnerable and require targeted security measures.

Additional Metrics:

  • Alarm Signals: 162,648
  • CCTV Alerts: 100,053
  • Patrol Distance: 620,713 km

To enhance community safety, we recommend regular security audits and active community engagement. Technological upgrades, such as smart alarms and AI driven CCTV systems, offer additional layers of protection. Collaborating with local Neighbourhood Watch, Community Policing Forums, security companies, and law enforcement is vital for a coordinated security response. Staff training and emergency preparedness should be updated regularly, especially considering the high incidence of daytime incidents. Businesses should focus on secure storage and advanced alarm systems, while residents should maintain vigilance.

Security is an ongoing endeavor that requires the collective efforts of each community member. By staying informed and proactive, we can work together to create a safer and more secure Durban for all.

For any security-related inquiries or assistance, please visit our website at https://bluesecurity.co.za.

Note: The statistics and information mentioned in this article are based on incidents reported to Blue Security in August 2023. The numbers may not be exhaustive but offer an overview of the prevailing trends and patterns.

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