4 November 2019

ANPR Technology: What you don’t know about these intelligent cameras

New ANPR camera adds intelligence to Amanzimtoti crime fighting effortsInvented in 1976, Automated Number Plate Recognition or ANPR cameras have played a large role in law enforcement worldwide. In 1981, a mere 5 years after the birth of this remarkable tech, the first ANPR arrest was made and since then ANPR cameras have become an integral part of the proactive fight against crime.

The Basics of this Advanced Tech:
If this is the first time you’re reading about ANPR, these cameras are high technology, smart cameras that can read the number plates of vehicles driving through a designated area. Serving as a crime-fighting solution for preventative policing, the technology automatically references the scanned number plate to a database of case registered vehicles, flagging any cars that would’ve been reported as stolen, hijacked or wanted for being involved in criminal activity.

Stories of Success: 
This tech has made for many notable arrests, including the first documented case of ANPR technology being used to solve a murder that occurred in London, November 2005. A little closer to home, Blue’s strategically placed ANPR cameras send alerts of flagged vehicles directly to our state-of-the-art control centre, our Tactical teams and participating neighbourhood watch groups, which has led to the detection and recovery of stolen vehicles in the Umhlanga, Durban North, Amanzimtoti, and Kloof areas.

Beyond the streets:

It’s also interesting to note that this innovation has many other uses beyond its capabilities as a highly valuable crime-fighting tool. A few malls have implemented this technology in their car parks as an added level of security. However, ANPR technology can also be used as a ticketless car parking system – providing a more convenient, environmentally friendly way to pay for parking. Similar to this, ANPR can be used at tolls as an automatic way of payment, reducing frustrating traffic congestion. Used in visitor management and even as a marketing tool, this tech continues to advance and as it does so the possibilities become limitless.

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