14 June 2019

Amanzimtoti motorist narrowly escaped gang of armed suspects

An Amanzimtoti motorist narrowly escaped a gang of armed suspects when they attempted to hijack her in a driveway. The incident was one of two attempted hijackings in the greater Amanzimtoti area last night, reported just minutes apart, involving a silver VW Polo.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the motorist had just arrived at her daughter’s premises in St Winifreds to pick her up at around 6.19pm when the incident occurred. “While she was at the driveway gate a suspect jumped out of a silver VW Polo, which had parked behind her, and approached her vehicle. The suspect demanded that she get out of the vehicle but she refused to comply,” Mathios said.

“The suspect then smashed in the driver’s side window with the butt of a firearm but the resident managed to stay in control and drove off without sustaining any injuries. A neighbour who thought the hijackers had abducted the motorist then chased after the victim,” Mathios said. “The motorist continued driving and went to a local pub where she received assistance. It is believed that there were three suspects in the vehicle,” he said.

Mathios said, in the first hijacking incident, a suspect attempted to hold up a motorist as she arrived at a premises in Kingsburgh at around 6.13pm. “The motorised noticed the silver VW Polo parked behind her and spotted a suspect, who was carrying a firearm, jump out of the vehicle. The suspect approached her vehicle and knocked on her window. She screamed and the suspect turned and fled back to his vehicle and drove away. No shots were fired,” Mathios said. Amanzimtoti SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

Mathios advised motorists not to pull into a driveway before the gates had opened completely to avoid being jammed in by hijackers. “Always stop parallel to the verge and wait for the gates to open before turning into the driveway. This will make it easier for you to be able to drive off quickly should you spot a suspicious vehicle or if a suspect approaches your vehicle.”

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