Eliminate your worries, never forget to arm your alarm system again!

worried-alarm-armedHaving an alarm system is a big help when it comes to safety. But let’s face it, there is always something more you can do to keep you and your family safer than you already are.

Nowadays, people are juggling an endless amount of tasks and responsibilities. It is physically impossible to remember everything that needs to be done in a day.

We have a very simple solution to avoid the worry of remembering if your alarm has been activated or not.

Imagine yourself in this situation, it shouldn’t be too difficult as it’s probably happened to you once or twice.

You pressed snooze too many times and now you’re leaving the house in a minor frenzy to drop the kids off at school. To top it off, it’s the first day back after school holidays and you’re probably going to be late for work.

Your brain is in stress mode and your mind is scattered.

Finally, you’re 5 minutes away from school and there is no turning back. But then, a dreaded thought occurs and you ask yourself that critical question…

“Did I arm the alarm?” As if you needed to worry about anything else!

Now, you’re either going to be late for work after dropping the kids off to check the alarm, or inconvenience someone to check the alarm for you.

But, what if you could quickly:

The good news is that you can and it really is that easy. It’s the smart solution that saves you time and energy by letting you check the status of your alarm system from your phone.

The best part? It’s not magic, it’s a real product that we offer. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, click here.

Alternatively, phone us on 0317175000 or send an email to siren@bluesecurity.co.za

PS. For all those who want to know how this particular situation played out, the alarm was armed the whole time and you just couldn’t remember if it was because us humans can’t remember everything you know.

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