Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response

armed response and alarm monitoring

When it comes to your business security, alarm monitoring and armed response go hand in hand to ensuring the safety of your premises and protecting your valuable assets.

At our integrated, state-of-the-art control centre located in Durban, our extensive resources allow us to skilfully monitor business alarm systems. A team of highly trained controllers order the on-the-ground movements and responses of our elite armed response officers, transmitting information 24/7 via our top-notch dedicated communications network.

Our proficient crime fighting force has been trained to proactively combat crime to protect businesses, but their first priority is always the personal safety of the business owner, management, staff and clients, followed by the security of the business’s stock and equipment.

Blue Security offers an SMS notification service to further improve business security. The SMS notification is sent to alert business owners and key holders that the business security systems have been armed or disarmed – confirming that the premises has been opened or closed. This service is a useful tool for owners to monitor staff working after hours or over weekends. The opening and closing service aids us in monitoring the business premises more effectively.

Business owners and managers can rest assured knowing that their business premises are in safe hands, with our professional team of controllers and armed response officers keeping a watchful eye and responding proactively to any potential criminal activity.

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Alarm monitoring & armed response

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