27 November 2019

3 minute response hinders Stamford Hill business armed robbery

A Blue Security armed response officer was caught up in a shootout with armed robbers after he disturbed them while they were in the process of robbing a shopping centre in Stamford Hill in the early hours of this morning.

3 minute response time hinders business armed robbers

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the gang of armed robbers who arrived in a white VW Polo had initially attempted to gain entry into one business on the premises but didn’t succeed. The incident occurred at 4.45am.

“The suspects then targeted another business and grabbed a few goods. Our officer arrived on the scene within three minutes of receiving an alarm activation and the suspects, who were busy loading their vehicle, spotted him and opened fire in his direction. Our officer returned fire and the suspects then turned and fled the scene in their getaway vehicle. Fortunately, he was not injured during the shootout. Police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter,” Mathios said. He said it is unclear at this stage how many suspects were involved in the incident.

Mathios commended the officer for his quick response time to the scene which minimised the loss to the businesses on the premises. “We have noticed a trend where armed robbers who target businesses, such as those in business parks, aim to break into multiple premises during one incident. Our officer’s swift, 3 minute response and action at the scene of the crime halted the gang in their tracks this morning,” he said.

Mathios advised business owners to ensure that their individual business alarm systems and CCTV surveillance cameras are in good working order at all times because these provide a strong deterrent against crime. “CCTV surveillance cameras also provide security firms and the police with valuable intelligence which can assist with the investigation should a crime incident occur,” he said.

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